Lucky Block Mod 1.18.1 (Thousands of Random Possibilities)

Lucky Block Mod It offers only one block, but more than 100 possibilities for Minecraft. Just mine the Lucky Block, cross your fingers and hope it drops the things you want. However, now, with this new model, you can count on more than just objects. Lucky block mod can spawn animals, monsters, different entities and even buildings. From giants to fireworks, sticks to diamonds, Lucky Block will give you an exciting experience every time you mine.

gold. Think about it a bit, there isn’t much use in it actually. There is no level to lose your gold on gadgets, swords and armor. How many hours do you want when you can simply look at the sun. And if you want gold nuggets to make potions, all it takes is one gold ingot and you already have 9.

Do you want there to be higher issues to do with your gold? Or maybe you should replace it with something else?

Now there is a block that makes mining valuable gold. Referred to as the Lucky Block, it can be crafted from 4 gold bars and a dropper, and can also be discovered naturally in your world. While you are mining this block, it will have an equal probability of dropping objects or creating entities or buildings.

Lucky Block Mod Features:

Luck levels

  • Lucky Blocks can get completely different ‘Lucky Domains’ if you put them in a crafting desk with sure things.
  • The “Luck” in the lucky block is rated as a bar from 0 to 100.
  • The higher the lucky score, the higher it will undoubtedly be a lucky block that will give you one good thing.
  • Luck ranges can also be harmful, from 0 to -100. Unfavorable lucky bands make lucky blocks unlucky.
  • There are 3 lucky blocks inside the creative inventory. One is regular, the second is with a luck score of 80 and one is -80.
  • Only lucky blocks may be stacked with a lucky score of 0.
  • There is a record of things that have an effect on your luck score under ‘Forge’.


  • Lucky block can now be additionally generated inside custom structures.
  • The current buildings are a quartz “Greek temple” building, brick wreckage, and a crevice.
  • Fortune blocks inside the temple can have a lucky score between 50 and 100, but inside the wreck it ranges from -50 to -100.
  • By default, there is a 50/50 chance that a lucky block will appear on its own or in the build.
  • Lucky Blocks on their own have a lucky score ranging from -20 to twenty.
  • Spawn again to 1 in 200 per piece.


  • 100 new drops have been added.
  • Temple with 8 lucky blocks (uncommon).
  • 2 lucky blocks. lucky one. no one. Choose correctly.
  • A bunch of several types of fish with a fishing rod.
  • A villager uses a pile of pigs on a hike.
  • horses.
  • A pointless, foolish message about serious dangers and mushrooms.

Other Features

  • 3 Quite different from wishing properly in buildings. Throw a coin, and see which one you get.
  • 3 Buying and selling villagers. They will give you all the lucky gadgets/armor/weapons at a reasonable price.
  • Big slime! Longer than timber! Usually even magma dice.
  • A lucky dose with random constructive results.
  • Unlucky splash potion with random adverse results.
  • Taming wolves with completely different color collars.
  • Tamed cats, with different color pores and skin.
  • aghast! It is Ghast.
  • A witch amidst a cloud of bats.
  • Beautiful bouquet of flowers.
  • A bunch of magic books.
  • Some random, ineffective and fun jokes.

Install Lucky Block Mod

  1. Download and install the latest version of Textile API And the fabric loader
  2. Download and install the . file Forge API
  3. Download Lucky Block Mod (versions specified below)
  4. Put the downloaded mod in the folder ./minecraft/mods/
  5. In addition, you can install a program Edit menu

Lucky Block Mod Download Links

For Minecraft (Canvas / Forge) ⇒ 1.18.1

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