In us Mod Apk 2021.11.9.2 (Unlocked)

Among us Mod Apk 2021.11.9.2 – Cool և real movement designed for multi-player action for 4 to 10 people. They will act as astronauts preparing the spacecraft for a long journey. The situation is that not only is he a liar, but moreover, the killer wanted to send the rest of the crew to their ancestors. The participant who has acquired this operation must observe the basics of safety, not differ from the actions of others, carry out a law-abiding train with partners for the success of responsibilities, such as risk-taking. for its dissolution. The unpredictability of events will entertain any lover of non-standard rest. Among us Mod Apk: It is an attention-grabbing painted game hall with an advanced plot և attention-grabbing responsibilities that cover many secrets, techniques և methods. Players are invited to join the group that is on the spaceship. They travel through infinite space, discovering new planets. In the history of sports, the ship penetrated the enemy, who must destroy all crew members, damage the life-saving strategy of the flying ship. You can probably find out where the intruder is and why he wants it.

As already mentioned, the sport will work on the spacecraft wreck, which consists of many cabins. The sport has quite a few modes, you can fight against everyone, unlike the computer և precision-obsessed players և you can turn around as a staff և intruder that everyone wants to look out for. For the latter to have fun, you have to ask all the questions to deal with the staff members, back to back, to commit invisible murders. Having fun with one of the crew members, the participant must carefully pass through the compartments, և if the intruder is found, inform the others about him. Use a chat room where addicted players can make their guesses, vote for people they think are great for a striker. Immerse yourself in this inexpressible atmosphere եք benefit from team sports.

Mod Apk Features:


You can choose any clothes, hat և pets (after joining the room, go to your laptop, click Customize և select the items you want hat, Pets և Skin sections).
Permission not granted through Google Play Games.


– [ Player Menu ] –

  • – Show the staff / cheater
    – Move to the meeting
    – Spam report (Meeting must start) – [NEW]

    – Unlimited emergency meetings
    – There is no freezing of the match
    – There is no freezing of doors [Impostors]

    – Sabotage lights
    – Renovation diversion
    – Teleport outside
    – Teleport Inside:
    – Chandelier distance
    – False cheat (click None to change the color, then the color) [NEW]

    – See Ghost + Chat
    – Sabotage (Calm down) [NEW]

    – Close the doors

– [ Movement Menu ] –

  1. – Speed

– [ Host Menu ] –

  • – Choose a liar – [ Credit To @Yeowang For Helping Out ]

    – Final vote
    – Counterattack
    – End of the game [ Impostors Win ]

    – End of the game [ Crew Wins ]

    – Instant win [ Enable Before Starting ]//
    – Enable reverse voting [Everyone Votes Themselves]

    – Counter-voting [You Cant Be Voted]

    – Redirect vote [Take everyones vote and vote a selected colour
    – Complete Some Tasks
    – Complete All Tasks
    – Random Colours

– [ Everyone’s Name Editor (Host) ] – [NEW]

  • – Lock the last message
    – Use text (static, special (last message)
    – Text effect (RGB animation, RGB slider)
    – RGB Slider (red, green, blue)

– [ Troll Menu (Host) ] – [NEW]

  • – Enable the Troll menu
    – No Kill CD – Freeze them all
    – Beginning of force
    – Freezing start timer
    – Everyone’s speed
    – Discussion timer
    – Freezing of emergencies
    – Number of Imps
    – Extraordinary meetings
    – Staff light (Normal, remove all, maximum all)
    – Map (Change the pre-game hall)

– [ Text Menu ] – [ NEW ]

  • – The color of the text
    – The size of the text
    – Thick text
    – Inverted text
    – Underlined text
    – Cut text

– [ Account Menu ] –

  • – Unlocked skins
    – Unlocked pets
    – Unlocked hats

– [ Fun Menu ] –

  • – Casual hats [ Visual To You]

    – Casual skins [ Visual To You]

    – Random pets [ Visual To You]

    – Compulsory voting [Fake Voted , Others See]

    – Drunk mode [See Two Maps, Enable Before Entering Game]

    – Freezing light [ Self Explanatory ]

– [ Misc Menu ] –

  • – There is no advertising
    – There is no fine
    – Increased reporting [Buggy]

    – Confirm the injection
    – Kill for a long time
    – Player 2/3 = Liar [Requires Always Impostor Being On]

    – Preset random usernames
    – Special name (last message)

– [ Grave Yard Mods – Detected ] –

  1. – No Kill Cooldown:
    – Make everyone enter the vent
    – Make everyone vent
    – Text selector
    – Spam [Text Picker]

    – Fake Medbay scan

– [ Passive ] –

  1. – The conversation is always visible
    – Bypass chat quick lock /// In-game, Settings-> Data-> Free chat, turn on every time you open the game ~

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